3 Ways To Wear Soft Jackets

Soft jackets – that is, jackets that are normally made from woven materials, such as wool, cashmere, cotton, and linen – it’s substantial by nature and less firm across the shoulders and chest, therefore providing you with more movement, flexibility, and comfort.

Because they’re so casual and comfortable, they’re also very easy to style. Here are five for you to consider.



Check Jacket
Alexander McQueen

No form of jacket looks more appealing with shearling than the bomber. In the early 20th century, high-flying and fearless pilots took to the skies in open cockpits, exposing themselves to chilling temperatures with only shearling-lined jackets to keep them warm – the small pockets of air within the pelt trapped warmth. Since then, they’ve been a menswear mainstay for wintertime. Zara’s shearling-trimmed bomber is just the ticket. Match this with the exaggerated-Sole beige Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers by Alexander McQueen.


Down jackets

Down Jacket
Grosgrain-Trimmed Full-Grain Leather Sneakers


The fact that down jackets are worn on excursions as far as Antarctica says a lot for their ability in a cold climate. This lightweight puffer jacket with down and feather filling. High collar and long sleeves with elastic cuffs from Zara go one step further to make you extra warm.

Pair that with the stunning Givenchy wing grosgrain-trimmed full-grain leather sneakers.



Leather biker jacket


Triple S Mesh, Nubuck and Leather Sneakers

Yes, we did mention that a soft jacket is normally made from a woven fabric, but this leather biker makes the cut because it’s lined in faux shearling. When styling it out, you can go wild, or you can mix it up and layer it with a nice grey turtle neck. Biker luxe? Why not. Pair this with the Balenciaga triple S mesh, nubuck, and leather sneakers to finish the look off. 

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