How to: The Fashions Boyfriend guide to working from home

Working from home is amazing! but not always when it’s forced on you by the government, now for most of us if not all of us, we have to get used to the new normal by working remotely.

Below, I’ve compiled a bunch of great work-at-home tips and tricks that will definitely come in handy when we start this adventure.

The early start = The best start

Working in an office setting can help you wake up and feel ready for the day ahead. At home, it’s a bit of a different situation, getting you up and ready in front of you laptop can be more difficult than you realise .

One way to make this easier is to dive right in, getting you

Do more

Writing, designing and loads of tasks usually take a bit longer to get through than we originally think or plan.

By having this in mind you can plan your day ahead, think to yourself what you want to accomplish today and set goals this will help keep your mind from wondering around and make you more productive.

My team and I have daily morning stand up meetings, here we share what we will be doing that day, this helps me and my team members stay motivated and up to date with our tasks for the week.

Using tech to stay connected.

In my experience, working from home is great for getting stuff done, as you can concentrate more and there are no distractions to keep you away from completing the task ahead.

However, this can become pretty lonely at times and you can feel a disconnect from your team members, my team has come up with a great idea of a catch-up digital lunch date where we all catch up like we normally would and eat lunch together and chill using Google hangouts or even skype.

This is important as you still want to feel connected to each other even if everyone is working remotely.

Take necessary breaks.

It’s so easy to lose track of time while working from home, before you know it the sun is gone and all that you did was work, work and work.

This can be very bad for your mental health.

Make sure you take your tea/ coffee break during the day and make sure you take your lunch break as this will help you recharge and do better work.


Fashions Boyfriend
Fashions Boyfriend

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