A Fresh Guide to modern-day cleansing

Cleansers have come along way, it has been reformulated, re-energized and packs a punch with amazing results! It is the most important part to your grooming routine, as a good cleanser should remove all impurities unnecessary oils and pollution that you might have picked up during your busy day that can cause ageing congestion and dehydration if they were left in you skins pores.

With so many cleansers on the market, knowing which ones are right for you or not can be daunting, but don’t stress as that causes aging so I have made a simple little guide for you to use.


These cleansers are the only cleansers that remove oil and water-soluble pollution and bacteria. If you have sensitive and dehydrated skin this cleanser will help restore the balance and can be used anywhere with a cotton pad.


Powder cleansers are rich in Vitamin C, these are water activated and turns into a liquid to offers the perfect exfoliant to get rid of impurities and dead skin, I wouldn’t recommend this if you have very sensitive skin but if you have normal or oily skin this would be perfect for you.


A Gel cleanser is a very mild cleanser that ‘s very effective in removing oils and impurities , it’s ideal for sensitive skin as it removes impurities without disturbing the skins natural barrier , its very gentle and hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and fresh.

Now that you have the right cleanser for your skin type and your skin feels better than ever, what can you do to get the most out of the product? by integrating a quick facial massage you can awaken the skin, muscles and energy system of the skin while ensuring that the cleansers are properly absorbed.

A facial massgae also helps with tired looking eyes as it revives the skin .

Let us know if you have any expert advice on skin care 🙂

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