If you’ve been in the social media game for the last few months you MUST know the new app called FaceApp, it’s swept the globe with youthful-looking selfies and cringe-worthy wrinkly snapshots.

Suddenly we are able to see our past and future selves, The old man filter started big conversations around aging or more particularly smart aging. Now that we’ve seen ourselves the question is: How do we stop aging or at least preserve our youth?

I have done some research and here is your ultimate guide to everlasting youth, filter-free.


We blink virtually 30,000 times daily, this makes the delicate area around the eyes the most active on our body and later on the first to indicate signs of aging.

Whether it’s crow’s feet, crepey lids or heavy bags, your eyes really are the window to your soul – and your soul can look old, friend.

To solve this situation I suggest using Vitamin C and all-rounder that can help with dark circles, saggy skin and fine lines.


As we age, our collagen and hyaluronic acid production levels slow down and leave all areas, including the lips, less full. We are all – not just smokers – susceptible to fine lines around the area. The main causes for these fine lines are pollution and pouting in selfies, the use of straws are also a cause of fine lines around the lips.

It’s very difficult creating collagen in the lip area without some help with fillers but a good lip treatment will also do you wonders, especially for dry or sun-damaged lips.


Thanks to more delicate skin, our foreheads and temples fall victim to pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles.

I suggest using Retinol. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol can increase cell turnover and deal with all the issues above.

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