Aēsop: The Ultimate Skincare

Aesop was established in 1987 in Melbourne Australia with their main focus to set the highest quality in skin, hair & body care.

Ever since I started being serious about skincare and ways to protect my skin from day to day living in the big city, I have always been extremely curious about a brand called Aesop.

The brand just spoke to me in ways that other brand never have, mostly because of it’s simplistic and minimalistic packaging. The packaging is so simplistic but yet so eye catching, it gives me the feel of old medicine bottles with super minimilistic labeling.

All of their products have a fresh aromatic herbaceous fragrance that will send your senses into overdrive!

THE PRODUCT – Parsley seed

The Parsley seed range stood out the most for me, besides the amazing packaging it has amazing benefits with rich antioxidant ingredients .

The Aesop’s parsley seed anti-oxidant facial hydrating cream, This parsley seed cream is a powerful and soothing moisturizer formed with botanicals and antioxidant-rich ingredients such as lavender oil, aloe leaf, sweet almond oil, soybean oil and of course, parsley seed oil, to mention a few.

To use, simply warm a tea spoon of product in your hands and apply to cleansed & toned skin, but if you have super sensitive skin like me you can skip the toner and rather apply the Aesop’s facial serum before you apply the cream, the serum delivers a big hit of anti-oxidants, active botanical extracts like parsley seed, grape seed and moisturizing oils to shield and nourish your skin.

I rarely use facial treatment oils on my skin, but the Parsley seed anti-oxidant facial treatment is one of a kind, It’s a high-potency oil enhanced with 9 anti-oxidant ingredients and nourishing fatty acids to boost, refresh and deeply hydrate the skin.

It has similar herbaceous and botanical notes but with a nutty finish. I dispense 3-5 drops onto my palm and warm it up with my hands before massaging it into my skin. I use this every 2 nights.

All in all, I really enjoy the Parsley Seed skin ritual with these products. The range not only helps my skin regain its health, but also provides me with a relaxing aromatic experience.

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