The Next Big Thing in Instagram Planning

Creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic for your brands’ feed is key in stepping up your Instagrams strategy.

Having an Instagram aesthetic is one of the best ways to grow your account, build a following and show off your brands’ unique style and tone.

Your Instagram is the first thing a person sees when visiting a new profile, this is why it’s essential that you make a really good impression. When a new Instagram visitor lands on your profile and knows exactly what to expect to see on your Instagram portfolio, they are more likely to turn into a loyal follower

Choosing an Instagram aesthetic

The first step is deciding what your brands look and feel will be on your Instagram feed, will it be bright and colorful, moody and dark or do they follow a mixed pattern?

You must also decide what type of photos you’ll be posting, for example, if you live somewhere like Cape Town a dark and moody Instagram feed will be hard to achieve.

Another way to help you to create a look and feel that will be consistent throughout your Instagram feed is by creating a Mood board.

Editing your photos for you feed

The best way to create a beautiful Instagram feed and aesthetic is during the editing phase for your profile.

Creating a Lightroom Preset for your brands Instagram feed is probably the best thing that will help all your images flow and mix together.

In Lightroom for photoshop, there are already made preset filters that you can use but creating your own will set your brand apart from all the other Instagram businesses out there.

Get Lightroom mobile – IOS or Android

Create fun and creative captions and hashtags

The story that you tell on your Instagram is just as important as the photos and videos that you post.

Instagrammers in today’s world wants to know more about the brands that they follow, they are interested in behind the scene action and the people behind the brand and the product information.

Creating captions and hashtags before publishing, you’re creating time for catching typos, so you’ll be able to give a more engaging caption that describes your brand story.


Pre-planning your hashtags for your photos and videos gives you more time to get those engaging hashtags right!

You can also create a hashtag that your brand uses in all your posts on Instagram, by doing this gives you an opportunity to engage with your followers and for people to find your brand in your fans profiles if they decide to use your bands’ hashtag.

Scheduling your Instagram posts

LATER has an Instagram scheduling platform that helps you plan and schedule your posts for the best Instagram look and feel to set your companies tone and presence.

This will help you to decide where to place your images and videos on your profile for the best look and feel.

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