Summer, the time of year were you struggle to look good and keep cool whilst building your empire, well those days are over! I have come up with some starstruck outfit choices that can easily be mixed and matched to make you confidant and stand out, without breaking a sweat in the summer heat.

Lets get to it:

The business man

Creating a summer look can be daunting, especially when it comes to business and fashion. All you need is a light thread black shirt paired with some chinos, pair them with some rockin loafers and off you go.


Casual statement

We all love rockin some casual street wear, grab your favorite t-shirt and match it with some cause dress pants and some amazing sneakers.


Pool side guy

This summer is a great way to create new exiting statements with shorts, from floral to pastel colors. Pair this look with a nice shirt with a t-shirt underneath and some cool Louis Vuitton sneakers or Versace poolside slides.



Let me know what your favorite summer outfits and trends are in the comments below


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