The Insider’s Guide to Men’s Fashion (Color edition)

A new era of fashion has arrived with color being the trend.

How to do fun and bright Colours:

There are two ways you can use color in your everyday look, it all comes down to your personal style and preference.

Colors like pastel, Neon and Block Colors can enhance your creative style, either shaking it up or keeping it classy.

Wear It As A Statement:

Wearing colors as a statement should be embraced, colors can show off your personality, make you standout in a crowd and can enhance your skin tone!


Bright orange coat? Make a classic statement and wear them out with darker tones to draw attention to the statement piece and to avoid over doing it.


Pastel creates a light but powerful statement, it’s not overwhelming and it can be a great look for both SS and FW.

Wear It Softly

This is probably the most favorite choice for most fashion lovers out there, this trend is to inject color into you personal style in a soft manner.

This trend uses layers to control the statement piece and to make it more softer on the eye. wearing a blue jersey under a darker tone coat.


With this in mind, you can also play around with accessories to create this fun look, by playing around with scarves, hoodies and belts.


So there we have it, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors! use this article as a reference into a new world of fashion to make a statement wherever you go.

Keep it simple and classy.

Let me know what you think in the comments and share this article to all your fashionable peeps.

AUTHOR: Cameron Engel






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