Intriguing facts about Chanel

  1. There are over 310 Chanel boutiques in the world


It’s a given that Chanel is a standout amongst the most exceptionally unmistakable and most popular luxury brand on the planet. However, similar to any captivating story, there have been a lot of things occurring in the background that most of us have never heard of.

Chanel No. 5 is the best selling smash hit aroma to have hit stores


After she launched the scent in 1921, it quickly ended up noticeably a standout amongst the most famous and right away unmistakable Perfume ever. It was the principal aroma to secure promotion time at the Super Bowl, and Andy Warhol even deified it in his work. Also, as indicated by information assembled in 2014, it’s formally the top of the line scent ever.

Chanel was the first brand to have a waiting list for a nail polish


In 1994, a makeup artist backstage at the Chanel show in Paris was in a rush before a photograph shoot when she understood the models’ fingernails were all exposed. She immediately painted them with a dark marker, at that point later asked that the subsequent shade be reproduced with genuine varnish. Enter Chanel’s Rouge Noir shading, which became the first polish ever to sell out and have a waiting list.

Coco Chanel invented the suit for women


Coco Chanel is frequently credited with placing women in pants, and she was additionally the main originator to imagine ladies wearing suits—a vestment beforehand just worn by men. She genuinely revolutionized women’ fashion, which up until that time consisted of restricting bodices, oversize skirts, and ultra-ladylike itemizing.

Coco Chanel is credited with creating the LBD


In 1926, Vogue distributed a photograph of a dark dress from Chanel’s latest accumulation and alluded to it as “Chanel’s Ford,” a reference to the pervasive American cars . Many fashion historians see this as the introduction of what we now call the LBD.

Chanel’s first Paris shop was actually not a couture shop


While many assume that Chanel’s history is mostly based in couture, in fact the Parisian house’s first store opened in 1910 and mainly sold hats. Chanel’s first couture shop did not open until 1915.

Coco Chanel initially built her reputation in Paris on her hats


Prior to her namesake image turned out to be  instantly recognizable the world over, Coco Chanel constructed her reputation in Paris on the extremely high quality of her hats. Known as Chanel Modes, these toppers overwhelmed Paris, and each chic culture women clamored to get her hands on one.

Chanel’s two-tone shoes aim to make feet look smaller and legs look longer


At this stage, the two-tone shoe is viewed as a staple bit of each Chanel women’ closet. In any case, before 1957, the shoe style didn’t exist. Coco Chanel worked intimately with shoemaker Monsieur Massaro to create the now-notable shoes, which were composed with two aims: to make ladies’ feet seem daintier and to make their legs seem longer.

The 2.55 bag is named for the date is was first released


The brand’s iconic bag may seem oddly named, but in fact it earned its nomenclature from the month and year it was released: February 1955.

The 2.55 bag gets more expensive with each passing year


Chanel’s 2.55 bag is unique in the accessories world in that it truly gets more valuable (and expensive) with each passing year. Because the item is in increasing demand, Chanel is able to raise the price on the coveted accessory

What do you think is the most surprising fact about Chanel? Tell us below.


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